Ex-BBN housemate, Maria bags ambassadorship deal


Popular Nigerian reality TV star, Maria Chike Benjamin has bagged an endorsement deal with a digital bank, Raven Bank.

She is believed to have signed an ambassadorial deal with the digital bank in a contract that run into million but she has refused to disclose the details of the contract.

She said, “Going into the Big Brother House, when you come out, obviously the recognition will be there, the platform will be there and I was open to any brand that was going to come to me and I am actually thankful that Raven bank approached me.”

She also spoke on her previous work experience in the finance sector and how that gave her more knowledge into the industry and why she went for Raven Bank.

She said, “Funny enough, back in London, I had worked with a financial house, KBC financial services, straight after I left the University. So, I do know a little about banking and I love money, so that experience, as well as my brand value and hard work, are some of the attributes I would be bringing to board.

“One thing about me as a person is that I love honesty and transparency. I feel like any business or partnership whatsoever doesn’t work perfectly if I can’t see through the persons and they can’t see through me. Everything, in my opinion, and how I work, should be black and white.

“So, I have had other digital banks approach me for this role before Raven bank approached me but when Raven approached me, we had a lot of discussion with my team and they opened up to me, they were real and transparent with me as to what they expect from me. We did bond without seeing ourselves through our conversations and negotiations. It was the vibe of the people at Raven for me despite other digital banks wanting me and I was comfortable with Raven. And the story behind the creation of Raven as a digital bank also wowed me.”

By Damilola Olufemi