Floods: “Kenya May Face Its First-Ever Cyclone” – President Ruto Warns


President William Ruto has told Kenyans in a national address that the country “may face its first-ever cyclone,” as the country reels from deadly flooding and landslides that have affected hundreds of thousands of people.

Officials estimate more than 200 people have died in Kenya since March, with a further 90 missing. A further 155 people have died in Tanzania and 29 in Burundi.

Speaking on Friday, the Kenyan president said no corner of the country had been spared the “havoc” and warned that the situation was expected to worsen in the coming days with the arrival of more extreme weather.

“This cyclone, named Hidaya, could hit any time and is predicted to cause torrential rain, strong winds and powerful and dangerous waves which could potentially disrupt marine activities in the Indian Ocean and settlements along the Kenyan coast,” he said.

“Our country must act decisively and swiftly to mitigate the devastating impacts of the present crisis and protect life and property.”

President Ruto has also ordered that all schools be closed indefinitely following the heavy rains.