Four Opposition Parties, CSO In Togo Calls For Mass Protest Over Polls Delay


Four opposition parties and a civil society group in Togo have called for mass protests next week to demonstrate against the delayed parliamentary and regional elections.

Political tensions have heightened following parliament’s approval of a contested constitutional reform last week to replace the presidential system with a parliamentary one.

Opposition parties have rejected the constitutional change, fearing it could let President Faure Gnassingbé stay in power.

President Gnassingbé has been in power since 2005, when he replaced his father who led the West African state for 38 years.

On Wednesday, the presidency announced the postponement of the country’s parliamentary elections, which were due to take place on 20 April.

The presidency did not say the new date for the polls, citing the need for more consultations over the reforms.

Opposition leader and Togo’s first female presidential candidate, Brigitte Kafui Adjamagbo Johnson, has told the BBC that the election delay is a “power grab” and is disappointed by this latest move.

“We’re not going to accept this, and we will fight against this constitution. It shouldn’t be approved by the president”.