Fraudulent Practices: World Bank blacklists 18 Nigerian Companies and Individuals


The World Bank has blacklisted 18 Nigerian companies and individuals for engaging in corrupt practices, fraud, and collusive practices in its 2021 fiscal year.

The list of blacklisted individuals and firms was presented in a new annual report titled World Bank Group Sanctions System FY21.

The debarments were made by the World Bank Sanctions Board, World Bank Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer and the African Development Bank.

Based on the World Bank Sanctions Board’s decision, Mr. Elie Abou Ghazaleh and Mr. Fadi Abou Ghazaleh, alongside their firm, Abou Ghazaleh Contracting Nigeria Limited, were debarred for six months for collusive practices.

It was gathered that a Nigerian firm, Swansea Tools Resources, was debarred for fraudulent practices for two years and 10 months.

Another Nigerian firm, Juckon Construction and Allied Services Nigeria Limited, was debarred for corrupt practices for three years. Referred to under Sanctions Case No 649, it was disclosed that the firm made improper payment to a public official.

A Nigerian, Ms. Okafor Glory, was debarred for fraudulent practices for four years, while the firm involved, Unique Concept Enterprises, was debarred for five years for same reason.

Another Nigerian firm, Asbeco Nigeria Limited, was debarred for five years for corrupt practices.

Tijani was barred for 38 months for engaging in corrupt practices.

Aside from the firms mentioned, there are some firms that were debarred by other multilateral organisations under cross-debarment, which makes them debarred by the World Bank.

ALG Global Concept Nigeria Limited, Abuharaira Labaran Gero, Qualitrends Global Solutions Nigeria Limited, and Maxicare Company Nigeria Limited among others were debarred by the AfDB for three years under cross-debarment recognised by the World Bank.