Fuel Subsidy: Borno Governor Provides 80 Luxurious Buses and Pick-Up Vans to Farmers


In a bid to alleviate the impact of the fuel subsidy removal and ease the high cost of living, Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State has taken a significant step by releasing 80 buses and pick-up vans for the transportation of farmers.

The vehicles will facilitate free movement from their communities to their farmlands, helping them carry out their agricultural activities without financial burden.

Out of the 80 vehicles, 50 are luxurious buses sourced from the Borno Express Corporation, a state-owned transport company. The remaining 30 pick-up vans will be rented and supplied by the state government.

Governor Zulum made the announcement while speaking to a gathering of thousands of farmers in Molai.

Explaining the rationale behind the initiative, Governor Zulum stated, “We are here (in Molai) purposely to support the farmers. You can see thousands of them have gathered, and their numbers can reach up to 100,000.

Due to the removal of fuel subsidy which, although has long-term benefits, the cost of transportation has increased. Therefore, the Borno State Government has decided to provide 50 buses (and 30 pick-up vans) to convey farmers to their farmlands this rainy season.”

Additionally, Governor Zulum called upon the farmers to cooperate with the security forces, including soldiers and police personnel deployed to safeguard the citizens venturing to the outskirts for agricultural purposes.

He emphasized the importance of supporting the Nigerian Military, stating, “I want to urge you (farmers) to give maximum support and cooperation to the Nigerian Military. They (soldiers) are here to protect you.”

Expressing gratitude towards the military, Governor Zulum acknowledged their sacrifices in safeguarding the people of Borno.

Their presence and efforts have fostered a conducive environment for agricultural activities across the state, allowing farmers to pursue their livelihoods without fear.

This initiative by Governor Zulum is expected to provide much-needed relief to farmers who have been affected by the removal of fuel subsidies, enabling them to continue their vital contributions to the agricultural sector in Borno State.