Gaza: Foreigners, Nationals Cross Rafah Terminal Into Egypt


No fewer than dozens of foreigners and some  people with dual nationality left the Gaza Strip for Egypt on Wednesday via the Rafah border terminal, which was opened to people for the first time on the 26th day of the war between Israel and Hamas.

It was gathered that they were allowed to enter the terminal at around 07:45 GMT after the Egyptian authorities announced that it had opened exceptionally to allow the passage of nearly 90 wounded Palestinians and around 545 dual nationals and foreigners.

The terminal was to allow only the wounded to pass through, but Egyptian and Palestinian officials at the terminal said on Wednesday morning that around 545 nationals and foreigners would also be allowed to leave the Gaza Strip.

list with their names, nationalities and passport numbers was published by the administration of the Palestinian side of the terminal.

According to a Palestinian official at the terminal, a total of 88 injured people, including 40 children, women and elderly people, were due to leave via Rafah for treatment in Egyptian hospitals.