Guiness World Records: Egypt Obtains New Spot as it Registers World’s Oldest Footballer


Ashraf Sobhy, the Minister of Youth and Sports in Egypt declared that the country has successfully registered the world’s oldest footballer, Ezz al-Din Bahader in the Guinness world records.

The minister made this known on Sunday, October, 18, 2020.

Bahader, who is 75 years old was said to have joined the Egyptian Football Association in January after signing a contract with the Sixth of October club. He plays at the league’s third level.

His last game was against the al-Ayat Sports Club at the Olympic Center in Maadi, in the presence of the five-member committee for the Egyptian Football Association and the Board of Directors of the Sixth of October Club.

Sobhy expressed his good wishes to Bahader for achieving a world record among Egyptian football in particular.
He also wished him continued success with his club.