How late Bolanle Raheem waited, prayed for this pregnancy — Media personality, Bolanle Olukanni


Media personality, Bolanle Olukanni has revealed how the late Bolanle Raheem prayed and waited to get pregnant before her untimely death.

A police officer killed the lawyer on Christmas Day as she and family were driving home from church whilst attempting to make a U-turn under the Ajah Bridge.

Olukanni, on her Instagram page on Tuesday, revealed Raheem had waited and prayed to have a baby for many years.

She wrote, “I met Bolanle in 2020 . She Wanted me to do some work for her. When I was ready to buy a house, I called her and she was the one who found my house.

“I told her I don’t have all the cash for this purchase, but she didn’t doubt me . She was so excited for me. She would say God will do it – God will provide.

“I would call her and say “bolanle how are you?” and she would respond “bolanle im fine “. It Always made me chuckle.

“This year, I had asked if she needed prayer for anything and she said she wanted to have a baby. So I prayed with her about it . Many years, she waited for this pregnancy.

“I don’t know what else to say because I am so sad …Bolanle had an amazing year . She and her husband had grown the business so much in the last year. This was a good year.

“I am tired because this country keeps doing this to people. Taking so much from us and just being wicked. I don’t know what else to say. Please remember to pray for BOLANLE’S family and her daughter as well.”