Human Smuggling Den: Libyan Army arrests 16 Suspects, rescues 85 abducted African Migrants


Libyan Army raided human smuggling dens in Nessma town, south of Bani Walid, arrested 16 smugglers and freed 85 African migrants held in captivity.

Brigade 444 said its forces had neutralized the hideouts which is about 200km from Tripoli and arrested the smugglers whom it said were criminals wanted by the authorities but had never been apprehended.

The brigade further explained on Facebook that during the delicate “combat operation”, its forces had freed 85 African abductees, in addition to ending the smugglers’ kidnap, looting, and banditry in the area that were burdening the residents for a long time, seizing weapons and vehicles they were using.

“Our forces are still working on ending such crimes in order to exact justice and reach every criminal hideout in the country.” the brigade added.