All hands are on deck as a coalition of thriving entrepreneurs networks in different sectors across the Ikorodu metropolis, Ikorodu Business Group, are set to commemorate a year anniversary of impact and progress next month, July 2021.

The anniversary is aimed at celebrating the initiative which has brought business owners rendering diverse services together for the purpose of connection, accessibility, visibility and other benefits.

The anniversary, themed ‘ONE YEAR AND COUNTING’, will feature series of activities ranging from health walk, business lecture, exhibition, networking, promotional gifts, business category recognitions, games among others.

Catherine Michaels, the lead coordinator of the Ikorodu Business Group disclosed that the network has been successful in improving business growth within the past 12 month.

She said: “It’s been eventful and worthwhile over the months. We have managed to reach and promote 100+ business owners in Ikorodu and look forward to seeing more of them.

The fruit of this vision has been mind blowing , with increase in sales, collaborations and friendships.

Catherine disclosed that the network has set long term visions and called for collaborations to aid the targets laid. In her words: “We plan to develop and launch our website/app before our second year anniversary, host a show in one of the leading radio stations in Ikorodu and increase the total income of our community by 10% over the next two years.”

“We plan opening a physical office in Ikorodu through which we can increase overall brand awareness and visibility. Before the next anniversary, we want to have about 200 business owners who can collaborate with us locally and also enable us gain international collaborations in order to expand the tentacles of the community.”

The business owners are not limited to fashion, baking, beauty, media management, photography, event management, logistics, importation among other industries.


By NixxHash Communications