Insecurity may prevent 2023 polls from holding, Jega predicts


The former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega has warned that the increased insecurity witnessed across the country might stop the 2023 general elections from holding.

He stated this while delivering a keynote address at the fourth Abiola Ajimobi annual roundtable and the 72nd posthumous birthday of the former governor of Oyo State, held at the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies, University of Ibadan.

He asserted that the success of the election largely depends of security.

He said:

“Unless elections are conducted in an environment that is peaceful and secure, its integrity and even the legitimacy of the outcome of that election will be questioned.

“Security challenges undermine electoral integrity. It constrains or disrupts preparations and conduct of elections and it leads to partial or totally illegitimate electoral outcomes.

“As we look forward to the 2023 general elections, there is increasing apprehension that the pervasive insecurity situation in the country may present a formidable obstacle if not an obstruction to that election.

“If not appropriately and effectively mitigated, security challenges would pose the most serious danger to the integrity of the election process if it evens allows the election to be conducted.”

Jega also noted that the 2007 general election was regarded as the most flawed election in the country because security agents either worked at cross-purposes or worked for different masters.