Jacob Ngarivhume To Run For President Of Zimbabwe


The leader of the opposition Transform Zimbabwe party, Jacob Ngarivhume, has announced his intentions to contest the 2023 presidential election.

In 2018, Ngarivhume backed Nelson Chamisaa’s candidature as he was a member of the MDC Alliance.

In a post on Twitter this Thursday, Ngarivhume said his campaign is about pushing back “tyranny” and “fighting corruption with action”.

Below is Ngarivhume’s Twitter thread:

“I’ve decided to run for president!!! This campaign is about standing up to tyranny and fighting corruption with action.

“We will not defeat ZANU PF by playing by their rules!!!

“To the fringe voices with a burning desire for action, let’s do this together. In me, you have an ally.

“We are going to fight for @JobSikhala1’s release and hold those who’ve persecuted him accountable for violating the Bill of Rights!

“We are going after @edmnangagwa’s record, past and present. The man tried to defraud the nation during a global pandemic. The Drax scandal was approved by his office. This is not a small issue!

“The justice system has failed. There is a reason. Someone is to blame for the state our judiciary is in.

“Our prisons are full of innocent people deprived of their freedom by corrupt judges. This is about to end!

“The 2023 elections will not be another opportunity to legitimize criminals. Those who are running for office must have clean hands and a clean record!!!

“It’s time for citizens to make the rules!!!”