Kaj Akinyede Woos Ladies With ‘Nowo Nowo’ Visuals


Uber-talented Nigerian musician Kaj Akinyede has released the official music video for his ‘Nowo Nowo’ single.

Kaj Akinyede, an undisputed brilliant musician with incredible vocal prowess and enviable lyricism delivered his new flick, ‘Nowo Nowo’, to get the attention of his female fans in and outside the country.

The tall and handsome singer took another approach with his new jam by increasing the tempo of the music to make it more danceable than his previous single, ‘Olopa’. Kaj Akinyede boasts about his wealth to attract his suitor in the visuals for ‘Nowo Nowo’.

Despite the lady’s coy, yet unresponsive acts towards his love advances, Kaj Akinyede didn’t give up until he won her heart.

“We have different ways of expressing our love, in ‘Nowo Nowo’, I picked on one of the most ideal ways of spoiling one’s lover. If you love someone, as a man, don’t be too timid to express your feelings, in fact, it is always good to make our intentions clear from the early stage of a relationship”, Kaj Akinyede said about his new release.

“As I displayed in the video for ‘Nowo Nowo’, it has nothing to do with me trying to intimidate the lady, just as some people opined, I just wanted her to know I’ll do my best to make sure my lady lacks nothing, which was why I kept telling her I want to spend money on her. Spending money for your woman is a way of making her feel valued and a way to express your love to her, the musician added.

With Kaj Akinyede’s latest effort on ‘Nowo Nowo’, he has proven that he is indeed a versatile musician who can creatively deliver smoothly on any rhythm.

By Adenike Fagbemi