Kano redeploys 11,000 Civil Servants to Classrooms


The Kano State Government has redeployed 11,000 civil servants with teaching qualifications back to classrooms with the aim of strengthening the education sector.

According to the Commissioner for Education, Muhammad Sanusi-Kiru, this move was aimed at resolving challenges bedevilling the educational sector.

He stated that the government had to look inward for a solution as the current economic situation would not allow for a fresh massive recruitment to bridge the teacher’s gap.

He disclosed that the state government took into cognizance the changing needs in the field in terms of methodology, technology and needs of the students and as a result deemed it necessary to subject the teachers to rigorous training to meet up to standard.

He said:

“To achieve this goal, 600 teachers drawn from the state senior secondary schools management board, state universal basic education board, a ministry for higher education among others have been selected to partake in the training process.

“The training became pertinent considering the fact that most of these civil servants have never been into classrooms throughout their service career despite being teachers. That’s why we have to remind them of some of the things they have forgotten and equip them with modern skills.

“There is no extent the state government would not go to ensure that factors inhibiting growth in our educational sector are overcome so that our people can get the best when it comes to education.”

He urged the newly deployed teachers to rededicate themselves towards the building of sound youths educationally and morally for the future and development of Kano State.