Kenya: City Hall Signs School Feeding Agreement With National Govt


The Nairobi County Government has signed a school feeding program agreement with the National Government.

The signing if the Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement (IPA) on the School Feeding Programmes for Public Primary Schools in Nairobi was also witnessed by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndungu.

This IPA is a collaboration between the two levels of governments National and does not translate to transfer of any functions and/or power of the National Government to the Nairobi City County Government.

“The parties have agreed to collaborate in the development of conducive teaching and learning experience in public primary schools in the Nairobi City County, beginning with a programme for the provision of school meals within the said County, to improve the health and nutrition status of the leaners,” the agreement stated.

This Agreement sets forth the terms of understanding between the Parties in the implementation of the school meals program in public primary schools in Nairobi City County.

The Parties shall make every reasonable effort to ensure the achievement of the objectives of this Agreement through recognition of their

respective constitutional and statutory roles, collaboration and mutualrespect.

This Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement shall be a collaboration between the Parties and shall not in any way translate or be construed to transfer any function and or power of the National Government to the Nairobi City County Government