Kenya Govt To Partner With Other Countries Over Unemployment Rate


Kenya President, William Ruto, has signed a bilateral agreements with over twelve countries for semi-skilled, skilled and professional jobs to reduce unemployment in the country.

Ruto made this known while speaking with newsmen in Nairobi’s Langata area, he revealed that Kenyan workers are sought after in foreign markets owing to their diligence and as such the agreements will open up an array of opportunities for more Kenyans to work abroad.

“We have signed agreements with close to twelve countries. The German president was here and indicated that his country needs 200,000 workers, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia needs 500,00 workers,” the head of state indicated.

He further disclosed that he is set to jet out of the country next week to the Gulf region where he is to ink a deal with Saudi Arabia on an agreement to export Kenyan workers to the region.

The president observed that the move will scale up the economy of the nation owing to the remittances ploughed back into the country as well as creating jobs to thousands of Kenyan youths who remain unemployed.

“It is good to have development plans as well as projects that will lift the living standards of citizens,” he added.

President Ruto further drummed support for the affordable housing project, blasting those opposed to it, adding that it is not about more houses but rather a project anchored on creating more jobs to the jobless youths in the country.

“In Mukuru slums alone, the project will give 4,000 youths employment. We want to ensure that youths in Nairobi get jobs,” affirmed the president.