Kenya imports White Maize, Wheat, and Sorghum to Ease Cost of Living


Kenya has imported 21,455 metric tonnes of white maize from Mozambique, along with 27,998 metric tonnes of wheat and 22,820 metric tonnes of sorghum from Canada and the US.

The imports aim to address the rising cost of living and relieve Kenyans of the high prices of maize and wheat grains.

Currently, a 2kg packet of maize flour retails between KSh 180 and KSh 200, depending on the brand. In March 2023, maize prices increased to KSh 6,000 per 90kg bag, up from KSh 4,000 in January 2023.

Kenyan millers have been struggling with maize shortages and lack of financial muscle to buy the grain.

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) did not disclose the details of those importing the three grains, but there were concerns about the delay in the importation of duty-free maize.

The KPA clarified that no shipment of duty-free maize is expected in the country soon. The KPA report showed that other vessels expected to dock in Kenya in the coming months are those carrying wheat grain, fertilisers, cooking oil, and steel coils, among other items.