Kenya president issues warning on opposition protests

Kenya president says no more opposition protests
Kenya protest

Kenya’s President William Ruto has said “protests will no longer take place in our nation. The one they have planned for Wednesday will not be possible.”

He was speaking to supporters in Naivasha, central Kenya, two days after at least 10 people died during clashes between protesters and security forces.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has launched a series of demonstrations against tax rises, including the doubling of the tax on fuel, that were signed into law last month.

“Elections ended on 9 August last year. You cannot look for the leadership of this country using the blood of the citizens, the death of the citizens and the destruction of property,” Mr Ruto said .

“These demos will not happen. Listen to me carefully: you cannot use extrajudicial, extra-constitutional means to look for power in Kenya.”

Mr Odinga had earlier said that next week will see three more days of protests beginning on Wednesday.

According to the constitution, people organising protests must inform the authorities of their intentions, but the president does not have the power to ban demonstrations.