Kenya to construct Electric Charging Systems for Cars


Kenya Power utility has stated that as from September, it will commence the construction of electric charging systems for homes, businesses and the public across the country in order to achieve clean mobility.

It was gathered that the country is seeking to build an e-mobility network infrastructure system (ENIS) in Nairobi and Nakuru to pilot the charging stations.

The lack of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and motorcycles is one of the biggest hurdles standing in the way of Kenya’s shift to clean mobility, prompting the move by Kenya Power to seek a firm to build the system countrywide.

“Kenya Power intends to implement an e-mobility network infrastructure system. The system will ensure that e-mobility customers in Kenya can be served in a seamless manner countrywide where Kenya Power has grid presence.”

Meanwhile, the European Commission wants to ban the sale of diesel and petrol-powered vehicles by 2035, marking a global shift that is prompting Kenya to set the ground for its e-mobility.

Kenya Power stated that it has enough power to charge 50,000 buses and two million motorcycles during off-peak hours.