Kenyan President Sends Special Envoy to Meet with Nigeria’s President-elect


President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has received a special envoy from the Kenyan President, Dr. Williams Ruto, ahead of his May 29 inauguration.

The Kenyan leader expressed his desire to work with Tinubu in areas of mutual interest and congratulated him on his election victory.

In a letter signed personally by Ruto, he said “Kenya and Nigeria share values and aspirations in various sectors including political, socio-economic, cultural, diplomatic exchange, and indeed hold commonality of views on many continental and international issues”.

The Kenyan president’s envoy, Felix K. Koskei, also delivered the letter to Tinubu in Lagos. Koskei said that Ruto desired to partner with Tinubu in bringing Africa together and strengthen the continent through cooperation and sharing of experiences.

In response, Tinubu expressed his readiness to work with the Kenyan president and other African leaders in championing issues of mutual interest.

He pledged to work with Kenya in the areas of economic growth, development and tackling insecurity in line with his agenda for the Nigerian people.

“If we exchange ideas and inter-relate, it will help our continent. Economic opportunities would be explored for Africa’s growth and security,” Tinubu said.