Kidnap of Schoolboys in Buhari’s Home State is a Slap on his Face – Soyinka Asserts


The Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, in reaction to the kidnap of schoolboys from a Government Secondary School in Kankara community of Katsina State; home state of President Buhari, asserted that the act is a slap on President Mohammadu Buhari’s face.

In a statement titled “INFRA DIG–A presidential comeuppance”, the playwright emphasized that President Buhari is not in charge as the “abduction once again of the nation’s children” in his terrain is “a slap across the face of the Commander-in-Chief”.

He also considered President Buhari’s refusal to appear before the National Assembly as ”frightening”.

He wrote;

“That, to come to the present, constituted Buhari’s response to the National Assembly’s invitation to drop in for a chat. He did not consider it infra dig at the beginning. He responded to the polite invitation to rub minds urgently over a people’s security anxieties as one who still struggled to preserve the tattered remains of his ‘Born-Again’ democratic camouflage.

“However, his reversal of consent raised yet again the frightening situation report I have fervently posed: Buhari is not in charge. Whoever is, that segment of the cabalistic control obviously cornered him on the way to the lawmakers’ chambers and urged: Don’t! Their invitation is infra dig! He succumbed.

“Beneath the dignity of a Commander-in-Chief! Well. The opportunistic homicidal respondents -Bandits/Boko Haram or whoever – thereupon picked up the gauntlet and provided a response in their own language: abduction once again of the nation’s children. They handed him a slap across the face, on his home terrain, taunting: See if that is more suited to your dignity.”