Kogi Tanker Explosion: 20 persons reportedly Died, 30 Vehicles burnt


Not less than 20 persons have reportedly died and over 30 vehicles burnt in a petrol tanker accident near Ochadamu junction in Ofu Local Council of Kogi State on Thursday, November 10.

It was gathered from accounts of eye witnesses that the accidewas caused by a disagreement between security operatives and tanker drivers at a checkpoint. Security personnel allegedly shot two tanker drivers. Their colleagues, in anger, used a tanker loaded with petrol to barricade the highway leading to Idah.

“People gathered and pleaded with the tanker drivers to remove the vehicle from the road, but they refused. Suddenly, a truck carrying coal ran into the petrol tanker causing it to explode. An inferno engulfed the scene, killing scores of people and injuring many others,” an eyewitness stated.

The Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) is yet to make any comment about the incident, stating that officers are still busy and detailed information will be given as soon as possible.