Lagos State To Arraign 14 LASTMA Officers Over Extortion


Following an extortion allegations on 14 Lagos State LASTMA, the Government has said it would be arraigning the offenders before a disciplinary panel as it is in line with the extant rules and regulations of the state.

In a statement signed by the Director, Public Affairs and Enlightenment Department, Adebayo Taofiq on behalf of the General Manager. Mr Bolaji Oreagba traffic regulatory body over the weekend

Oreagba disclosed that the affected personnel include 11 Senior and 3 Junior Lastma Officers who were caught at different locations across the state extorting money (bribes) from motorists.

He also insisted that he with the collaboration of the state government would continue to mete stiff and severe punishment on officers and men in an effort to weed the agency of a few bad elements tarnishing its image.

“We thereby called on residents especially the motoring public to support us by promptly reporting any errant Officers at the nearest LASTMA offices or use any of the Agency’s complaints hotlines (08100565860, 08129928503, 08129928515 & 08129928597) with proof of evidence”

The General Manager urged officers of the Agency to always carry out their duties without fear or favour in accordance with the stipulated laws guiding the authority as any operative caught in the process of bringing the Agency or the Government into disrepute shall equally face the consequence.