Liberia’s Opposition Will Not Cooperate With Anti-Graft Plan Of Govt


Liberia’s main opposition party, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has described President Joseph Boakai’s programme to recover allegedly stolen state assets as “nonsense”.

The party’s secretary-general Jefferson Koijee told journalists at the weekend that “none of our officials will submit to it”.

The CDC’s George Weah lost his bid for a second presidential term last year.

Mr Boakai, who narrowly beat him, recently set up a task force to crack down on corruption and try and get back stolen funds.

The president ordered his team to identify and prosecute any senior officials involved. Current and past government officials are to be investigated.

He stated in his executive order that assets “wrongfully acquired at the expense of the government and people of Liberia” should be returned.

The CDC’s secretary-general alleged that the action was a violation of the constitution – though he did not state which part of the constitution – and it would be resisted by the party.

“Let me tell Mr Boakai that not even a chicken can submit to that reckless arrangement,” he concluded.

Mr Weah himself has not made any official statement on the process.