Liberia’s President Questions Central Bank’s Balance Record Of Weah Administration


Liberia’s President, Joseph Boakai has questioned the administration of former president, George Weah on the amount he left in the state coffers when it left power.

President Boakai who was sworn in on January 22nd said on Monday that the balance recorded was US$20.5 million, not US$40 million, as former President George Weah had claimed.

Liberian media reported Wednesday that the Senate ordered the Central Bank to clarify contradictions between President Boakai and his predecessor.

According to reports, the Senate mandated its joint committees on Public Accounts and Audit, Banking, and Currency to invite the leadership of the Central Bank of Liberia.

President Boakai,during his inauguration pledged to tackle corruption, said he will audit and make sure that regular audits become the norm in all branches of government, not just the executive.

Shortly after losing the presidential election last November, George Weah reportedly told an audience at his congregation that he expects Boakai not to pursue officials from his administration, just as he “did not prosecute anyone” from the first Unity Party government when the Boakai served as Vice President.