Libya Emerges Victorious in $424 Million Lawsuit


The Libya’s State Lawsuit Administration has announced a significant legal triumph, as it emerged victorious in a lawsuit filed by the heirs of Tawfiq Gargour, namely Garcia Gargour and Mary Gargour.

The lawsuit was filed against the Libyan state, invoking the provisions of the bilateral investment agreement between Libya and France, which aims to foster and safeguard investments.

The Lawsuit Administration disclosed that the heirs sought compensation totaling $424.4 million, along with $5.5 million in attorney fees and expenses.

The claim was based on the nationalization of their inheritor’s properties, companies, and facilities, as per Law 108 of 1970.

This successful outcome underscores the pivotal role played by the Lawsuit Administration in diligently pursuing the state’s legal cases in accordance with the law.