Libya Mayor Arrested Over Deadly Floods


The mayor of Derna, a Libyan city devastated by intense flooding, has been arrested in connection with the disaster, officials say.

Abdulmenam al-Ghaithi was among numerous officials charged in connection with the disaster that killed thousands in eastern Libya earlier this month.

Last week, angry Derna residents burned the mayor’s house in protest.

The office of the attorney general, based in the capital Tripoli, said on Monday that the officials were “responsible for managing the country’s dam facilities” and therefore it had launched a criminal case against them.

Meanwhile, some of the officials, including Mr al-Ghaithi, have already been detained prior to the trial.

In a statement on Monday, the attorney general’s office accused the officials of numerous failings, such as mismanaging funds meant to maintain the dams that burst and caused the floods in Derna.

His office also said that the officials had shown neglect by failing to take precautions, leading to flood-related deaths and economic losses for Libya.

Mr al-Ghaithi has further been accused of abusing his authority.