Libyan To Build 500 Schools Before 2023 Ends


The Government of National Unity has announced a project to build 500 schools before the end of the year, noting that many obstacles to the Third Ring Road project have been removed.

This was made known during a meeting held on Thursday, between Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah and the Director of the Administrative Centers Development Agency, Ibrahim Takita, the Director of the Housing and Utilities Projects Implementation Agency, Mahmoud Ajaj, and the Head of the Transportation Projects Implementation Agency, Sami Al-Abash.

Takita provided general details on the school project and field visits to the sites to be built to ensure their readiness, determining the technical specifications and necessary measurements, and issue regulatory Approval

However, Ajaj talked about the work progress on the Third Ring Road project.

He pointed out that most of the problems facing the work had been addressed, especially after Dbeibah’s visit to the site and his meeting with the electricity, water and sanitation companies, saying they could complete the project within 14 months.

Al-Abash also spoke about the developments in the maintenance of the coastal road extending from Tawergha to Ras Ajdair, which was divided into sectors to speed up its completion, confirming that the work was proceeding progressively according to the specified timetable, especially after addressing the obstacles that faced the companies working on the project.

Dbeibah stressed the necessity of working on all ongoing projects and completing them according to the specified timetables, reaffirming the necessity of launching the new schools project to meet the growing need for schools and demolish nonfunctioning schools that are more than 30 years old.