Libya’s Dbeibah Confronts ‘Rebellion’ of Misrata Military Council


Head of Libya’s Government of National Unity (GNU) Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah ordered the formation of a security command center in Misrata city aimed at confronting the “rebellion” of armed groups led by Salah Badi, the commander of the Somoud Brigade.

On Saturday, the “military council – Misrata” announced it was reviving its activities in wake of the now sacked GNU Foreign Minister Najlaa al-Mangoush’s meeting last month with her Israeli counterpart Eli Cohen in Italy.

The military council is formed of several armed groups that are active in the area.

Misrata has since witnessed the heavy deployment of military groups that have threatened to act against the GNU over Mangoush’s meeting.

One of the groups of the military council issued a statement against the GNU, declaring its rejection of foreign meddling in Libya.

Khalid al-Farjany, one of the leading members of the council, said: “We won’t allow our nation to become hostage to any foreign agendas that will harm our security, sovereignty, nation and territorial integrity.”

He called on all cities to activate their military councils so that they can coordinate future moves together.

Badi, who is under international sanctions and one of the leaders of the military council, expressed his determination to intervene “by force” to remove those in power, accusing them of being traitors and foreign collaborators.

“Our country must be in safe hands, not in the hands of a traitorous agent,” he stressed.

In wake of the developments in Misrata, Dbeibah underscored the importance of coordinating efforts between security agencies to avert any unrest and violations.

A security plan must be adopted and implemented throughout Misrata, he added.