Malawi Earns $282.62 Million From Tobacco


Malawi earned $282.62 million after selling more than 120 kg of tobacco during the 2023 tobacco marketing season, which ended Aug. 4, 2023, reports Malawi24.

According to Tobacco Commission Public Relations Officer Telephorus Chigwenembe, the average price this year was $2.35 per kg.

“It was even more exciting towards the end of the season when buyers offered record prices,” said Chigwenembe.

He went on to say that there were no serious market disruptions as was the case in the past.

Registration and licensing of farmers for the 2023/2024 growing season continues at Tobacco Commission offices in Mzuzu, Kasungu, Lilongwe and Limbe.

The Commission has encouraged farmers to grow more tobacco than they did in the 2022-2023 season.