Man allegedly Beats Partner till she Bleeds, Claims He is Royalty


A man who claims to be royalty has allegedly beat up his partner.

When he was confronted for beating his wife, he boasted about being from an Edo royal family.

He added that there are many officers in his family after he was threatened with the police.

It is alleged that he beat his partner at their home in Gowon Estate, Egbeda, Lagos, because their first daughter peed on his bed.

The person confronting him in the video also said that he told his partner that he’ll kill her and nothing will happen.

When threatened that his children will be taken from his, he said they can take them but he knows he will see them one day.

He insisted that he loves his kids.

The police were eventually invited, OAP Yolanda, aka Aunt Landa, revealed.

She added that the woman and their kids have been taken to safety.