Man spends £1,500 every month to stop himself from ageing


A man has been spending £1,500 a month to stop ageing and says he would even consider getting frozen so he can come back in the future.

Leon Kurita-Goudlock, 36, says he believes in biohacking, a term for ‘upgrading your body’ and says he decided to take action after seeing his parents die.

The fashion worker now takes up to 60 pills a day and said he would like to live forever.

He says if living forever isn’t going to work out then he will do everything to grow into old age.

Leon, who was born in the US but lives in London, said: ‘I would like to live forever.‘My mum died when she was 70 of cancer and my dad died of cardiovascular issues when he was 86 this year.

‘The last 20 years of their lives were a complete misery, they were taking care of each other, they both had cancer and other diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, heart attacks and could barely walk.

‘At that point, why are you alive? There is nothing sadder than carrying your own parents up the stairs and giving them sponge baths.’

Leon says there are five levels of biohacking, starting from less taxing fitness and fasting to level five  which is known as futuristic biological alterations.

After watching his parents struggle with their health, Leon decided to make drastic changes to his lifestyle 10 years ago and started with level 1 of bio-hacking.

He says each morning he wakes up between 4am and 5am and takes time to himself to do meditation, go to the gym and drink two litres of water.He eats between 1,500 and 1,800 calories a day between 6pm and 9pm and fasts for the rest of the day.