Zimbabwean Man threatens to kill his mother with Axe


Alice Maparura, a Dangamvura woman has sought for a protection order against her 30-year-old son, Takudzwa Kanyemba, who allegedly threatened to kill her with an axe in Zimbabwe.

Maparura appeared in court before Mutare Magistrate Ms. Perseverance Makala protesting that she grants her the protection order since her son’s threatened to kill her for loving his younger brother than him.

According to reports, Kanyemba happens to be a tout while his younger brother is form 6 and more intelligent than him which is why his mom is more fond of him than Kanyemba.

Kanyemba has also questioned why his younger brother has a passport yet he is older and he doesn’t have one. Maparura claims that Kanyemba also threatened to stab the younger son several times regarding the issue.

In a statement to the court of law Maparura said: “My son is threatening to kill me with an axe, accusing me of loving his brother more than him. He said I love his brother more than him because he is more intelligent as he is doing form 6”.

Maparura also revealed that her son Kanyemba was at one time arrested after being caught with drugs which has forced the mother to question her son’s sanity.

After a long going back and forth between Kanyemba and Maparura, Magistrate Makala saw fit to grant the protection order which is valid for five years.