Mass Looting in Nigeria: Linda Ikeji to assist Female Entrepreneurs who were affected


Pe End SARS protests in Lagos state.

The Linda Ikeji Media CEO, who is also a writer has announced that small business owners affected by the lootings should send a mail including photos and videos of their looted stores and an estimate of the value of what was lost.

She said, “You’ll know I’m big on female entrepreneurship and women being financially independent, so it breaks my heart to see women who have strived for years to stay afloat lose their businesses overnight. Not fair! So If you’re a female entrepreneur residing in Lagos and your business was destroyed or looted and you need help to get back on your feet, pls send me an email

She admitted that COVID-19 did its fair share of making life difficult for some Nigerians, she added that the looting has made it more unbearable.

“I’m focusing on women with small scale businesses who lost their sources of livelihood. I’d like to help some of you get back on your feet and see if I can get some of my rich friends to also help. Covid-19 already made life difficult for some of us, the events of the last few days will make life unbearable and we can’t just sit back and do nothing.

“I have already set up a team to crosscheck all claims as we receive your emails. Once we confirm you’re truly a victim, I will do what I can and get others to also help. We are all in this together. We have to be our brothers keepers.

“I’d like to help some of you restart your businesses so if you were affected, send me an email ASAP with proof of what was destroyed (videos and photos) and also value of what you lost so we have an idea of how much to help with,” she said.

She added that anyone who is also interested in helping out female entrepreneurs should reach out to her.

“Anybody who wants to help can also contact me. We will all be helping these business owners directly after we compile a verified list. Nobody is collecting money on behalf of anybody.”

She revealed that the occurrences during the last few days have been sorrowful for her, however she expressed patriotism for Nigeria.

“The events of the last few days has left me really sad and horrified. But Nigeria is our country, It’s the only home we have, so we have to make it work. We all have to do our parts.”