Meet Businessman Who Spends £4,000 On Face Mask Made From Gold [Photos]


  A 49-year-old businessman from Western India’s Pune City, Shankar Kurade has been trending in the news for spending an equivalent of £4,000 for the face covering which weighs 60 grams in Gold and took eight days to create.

Shankar has decided to ditch the medical face mask for one made out of solid gold.

Businessman Shankar Kurade from western India’s Pune city has ditched his medical face mask for an attention-drawing solid gold mask.

The 49-year-old is said to have spent an equivalent of £4,000 for the face covering which weighs 60 grams and took eight days to create.

Speaking about his unusual face mask, Kurhade said: “I love gold and I am very happy with wearing this mask. It is a thin mask and has tiny holes so I am not facing any problems with breathing.”

He added: “I always go out wearing all the jewellery pieces so when I saw this man on TV wearing a mask made of gold, I thought ‘why should I not get it made in gold?’

“I went to my personal jeweller and proposed the idea. They took eight days to make it.”

Although he is not sure if his expensive mask is effective against COVID-19, he is overjoyed with the fame the mask has brought him.

“It’s a thin mask with minute holes so that there is no difficulty in breathing,” Kurade said. “I am not sure whether this mask will be effective.”

“All my family members love gold, if they too demand it, then I will get it designed for them too,” the gold man of Pune added. “I do not know if I will be infected with coronavirus wearing a gold mask or not, but following all the rules of the government can prevent the spread of virus.”

He added: “Wherever I go, people stop me for selfies. They are startled to see me waking with a gold mask. They are curious to know if it is real gold.”

In line with media reports gathered, it revealed that Kurade’s love for gold is not new as he is known to never leave his house without an enormous bracelet, thick gold chains on his neck and large rings on most of his fingers.