Miguna Slams Government Over Plan To Deploy 1000 Police Officers To Haiti


Lawyer Miguna Miguna has hit out at the Kenya Kwanza government over the plan to send one thousand police officers to Haiti.

In a statement on Tuesday August 1, Miguna termed the decision as a public relations stunt.

He questioned why the Kenya Kwanza government was deploying the officers yet the country is battling enough security challenges that should be prioritized rather

“The Kenya Police could not contain 3 weeks of maandamano. The insecurity in Kerio Valley, northern Kenya and Lamu are ongoing. Why do we like PR over concrete contributions?” Miguna posed.

The Lawyer advised the government to help Haiti through other means instead of sending police officers.

“Let’s focus on our country but help Haiti by articulating and championing Haitians’ interests at the UN and other international fora. Never box above your weight,” he added.

Foreign Affairs CS Alfred Mutua on Saturday announced the move to deploy officers saying they will be tasked to train their Haitian counterparts, protect strategic installations, and help to restore normalcy in the North American country.

“At the request of Friends of Haiti Group of Nations, Kenya has accepted to positively consider leading a Multi-National Force to Haiti.

“Kenya’s commitment is to deploy a contingent of 1,000 police officers to help train and assist Haitian police restore normalcy in the country and protect strategic installations,” said Mutua.

The Former Machakos Governor noted that the move to deploy Kenyan police officers to Haiti is in line with the African Union’s diaspora policy and Kenya’s own commitment to Pan-Africanism.

“Kenya stands with persons of African descent across the world, including those in the Caribbean, and aligns with the African Union’s diaspora policy and our own commitment to Pan Africanism, and in this case to ‘reclaiming of the Atlantic crossing’,” the Foreign Affairs CS noted.