Military Head Visits Ousted Mali President in Hospital


Family and medical sources have revealed that the head of Mali’s new junta visited the man he ousted, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, yesterday at a hospital where the former president is being treated for a mini-stroke.

“A delegation from the ruling military, led by Colonel Assimi Goita, visited (the) former president in the clinic,” a doctor told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Relatives of Keita confirmed the visit.

Keita, 75, was admitted to a private health facility in the capital Bamako on Tuesday after suffering a so-called transient ischaemic attack, a doctor said on Wednesday.

This occurs when the blood supply to the brain is disrupted for a few minutes, causing stroke-like symptoms such as numbness on one side of the body, vision difficulties or confusion in understanding speech.

These events typically last only a few minutes but are viewed seriously by doctors as they can be a precursor for a full-fledged stroke.

Another doctor said on Thursday that Keita “is doing well.”

“He spent a second night here, more for the peacefulness of the surroundings than anything else,” the source said.