Minister Praises Expo As Senegal Pavilion Opens


Senegal will leverage the International Horticultural Expo 2023 Doha (Expo 2023) to showcase its achievements in horticulture and promote Senegalese products on a grand stage.

The West African country opened its pavilion at the Expo 2023 yesterday, with a host of products from the country on display.

The inauguration was attended by Senegalese Minister of Commerce H E Abdou Karim Fofana, Expo 2023 Doha Commissioner General H E Ambassador Bader bin Omar Al Dafa, Commissioner General of the Senegales.

Speaking to the media after the inauguration, the minister, Fofana, said, “The Expo is a very recognised institution worldwide. It is perhaps one of the top ten biggest events in the world, and the President of the Republic of Senegal, Macky Sall, wanted us to be present to show the important things that we are doing in terms of horticultural and environmental development.”

“We were treated to a presentation of the evolution of the Niayes area, which is like the horticultural granary of Senegal for over 70 years. It has gone from a desert to a lively, green area with robust economic and agricultural activity. We are expecting many people to come to the pavilion and it’s a great success which will continue until March. Many institutions, many associations that are in horticulture, entrepreneurs, artisans will come and exhibit in turns to show Senegalese know-how,” he added.

According to Fofana, Senegal will use the Expo to promote its products and services in Qatar and the rest of the world. He said in each Senegalese activity, the ambition is to represent the country and open the doors to Senegalese entrepreneurs and artisans to export markets, whether in Africa, the Middle East, Asia or Europe.

“Events like this present an opportunity to present what Senegal is doing because we also have ambitions in terms of exports. Our exports have evolved a lot, and every time there is an international event, it is an opportunity to show what we do. Between now and March, many companies, public services, associations, craftsmen, and farmers come to present their products. Many sectors will do the same so that the Senegalese economy can benefit from these events,” Fofana added.

The Senegalese Pavilion contains several plants as part of its environmental drive, and handicraft from the country is also on display. As part of the inauguration, the minister toured other pavilions, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

Over 100 companies are willing to participate in the Expo in coordination with the Senegalese Export Promotion Agency. Senegal will present more than 70,000 tonnes of products from horticulture, agriculture and handicrafts.