Mogadishu twin bombing Death Toll increases to 100


The death toll from two successive car bombings in Somalia on Saturday has increased to over 100.

According to Somalia’s President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, at least 100 were killed and close to 300 others were injured

Mohamud made the announcement after visiting the site of the attack in the early hours of Sunday. He appealed to the international community to send doctors and medical supplies to treat the wounded. Mohamud urged the public to go to the hospitals and donate blood for those injured in the attack.

He also vowed to give free education to the children left behind by the victims killed in the attacks as well as the children of deceased victims of other al-Shabab attacks. The car bombings targeted the Education ministry, located at one of the busiest intersections in the capital.

Mohamud condemned the attack in a tweet, saying it was a “cruel & cowardly terrorist attack on innocent people by the morally bankrupt & criminal al-Shabab group.”

He vowed the attack will not discourage efforts by the government and the country’s people.