More Rain Expected In Kenya As Floods Left Scores Dead


At least 70 people have died in Kenya since mid-March as heavy rain and flooding have continued across the country.

In eastern Makueni County, eight bodies were retrieved on Saturday from a river after the truck they were travelling in was swept off a submerged bridge.

“We’re just waiting for the water to subside so that the young men here can check for bodies that might have been stuck in the sand below the water so that they can be retrieved,” said Veronicah Mwende.

Residents said the truck was carrying more than 30 people.

“Almost 20 people were swept away by floods into the river, 11 people were saved. This morning we were able to pull out the lorry,” said resident Mark Mutunga.

Kenya has seen weeks of rain and severe flooding, including in the capital, Nairobi, and the country’s western and central regions. And citizens have been warned to brace for “even heavier rainfall”.

The above-average rains have caused widespread destruction affecting over 100 thousand people, destroying crops, and damaging infrastructure, schools, homes, and small businesses.