New official worried of living conditions of security forces in Juba


The Acting Interior Minister, Peter Puok Koang, expressed concern over the harsh living conditions of the Joint Security Forces (JSF units), particularly those deployed to maintain security in Juba.

During a meeting with Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony at the state secretariat in Juba on Wednesday, the new government official, who is a member of the opposition SPLM-IO, highlighted the challenges faced by the security forces and emphasized the urgent need for improved transportation and infrastructure support.

After conducting an inspection of the security units in the capital city, Peter said he discovered that the forces were grappling with transportation difficulties as the majority of their vehicles are in a state of disrepair.

Additionally, he recognized the dire need for renovation of the barracks and the construction of suitable housing for the personnel. Peter conveyed the importance of addressing these challenges before the rainy season.

“I conducted a thorough tour of all sectors across Juba, and it is evident that they face numerous challenges,” he said. “The barracks where these forces reside are in dire need of renovation and housing. Particularly now, during the rainy season, they are experiencing significant difficulties in their current accommodations.”

He anticipated holding another meeting with the governor in the near future to ensure that the vehicles are repaired and the living conditions of the security personnel are significantly improved.

“As we all recognize, the security of the city lies in the hands of the governor. Therefore, since our arrival, we have been in discussions regarding these matters. We are pleased with the progress we have made. Following this, we will reconvene to address the repair of the vehicles and the housing situation,” he assured.

Furthermore, Peter reiterated his commitment to collaborating closely with the state government in resolving security concerns. Governor Adil emphasized that their discussions also encompassed the imperative need to bolster security as the Independence Day celebrations approach.

“An important aspect of our discussion involved reinforcing security in Juba city as we approach the momentous occasion of Independence Day, which honours the establishment of the Republic of South Sudan,” Adil stated.

He pointed out that comprehensive plans have already been formulated to strengthen the necessary security units in the city. “We have strategies to enhance security, including reinforcing all sectors in Juba. We commend their efforts,” he remarked