“Nigeria Is Essential To Global Future”, Says Blinken


The U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Nigeria being the giant of Africa is essential to how Africa could shape the global future.

Blinken stated this on Tuesday when he visited Nigeria as part of his international tour of African countries.

Welcoming the US Secretary of State, Nigeria’s Foreign minister, Yusuf Tuggar in a tweet on X said Anthony Blinken’s visit focused on enhancing trade relations and deepening democracy in West Africa.

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu held discussions with the US secretary of state ahead of a press conference.

The US top diplomat said Nigeria had an essential part to play in how Africa could shape the global future.

“Nigeria as Africa’s largest country, largest economy, the largest democracy, is essential to that effort referring to the role Africa has in shaping the future globally.”

“We are doing a lot of work together already to drive in a positive direction. We’re driving climate action. As partners in the Global Methane Coalition, we’re pushing for permanent representation for African voices in the U.N. Security Council, and other international organizations.”

“The United States is committed to strengthening genuine partnerships on the continent, to work to solve shared challenges, and also to deliver on the promise and the fundamental aspirations of our peoples,” Blinken said.

His trip is part of President Biden’s attempt to tout the USA as Africa’s key economic and security ally.

Nigeria is Blinken’s third stop on his tour of African nations, following Cape Verde and Ivory Coast. He will travel next to Angola.