Nigeria needs brand new systems by brand new people – Sowore asserts


The ‘Revolution Now’ convener, Omoyele Sowore, asserted that, in order to make things work as they should, Nigeria needs brand new systems by brand new people.

He stated this on Sunday in a live television show, stating that citizens will be tasked with pushing ideas and educating people so that the revolution can begin in their heads before manifesting physically.

He said this during the Toyin Falola Interview monitored by The PUNCH, where he was asked why he feels Nigeria needs a revolution.

According to him, “I’ve looked at Nigeria’s 60 years of existence and participated in the country’s lifestyle actively for 30 years, having started around 1989 as a student at the University of Lagos.

“All these years have convinced me that nothing at the level of reforms, nothing at the level of superficial innovations, nothing at the level of interventions can change the trajectory of the country.

“Except we drop everything which we have been doing, which are wrong and we know it, and clean Nigeria, create brand new systems by brand new people.

“There’s no way to have an omelette without breaking an egg as far as Nigeria’s situation is concerned. I came to that conclusion when I ran for president in 2019.

“Nigeria is a collection of criminals running the country to their own advantage, using proxies, armies, agencies and, sometimes, it is just people being hypnotised that is keeping Nigeria together,” he explained.