Nigerian Children disown Mother for choosing Tiktok over them


A TikTok user and Nigerian mother has lamented bitterly while disclosing that she was disowned by children for choosing the video making platform, Tiktok over them.

According to her, she chose to devote her time to Tiktok as a secondary source of happiness after her children abandoned her.

She went further to reveal that her children disapprove of her loyalty to the platform, leaving her with the choice of choosing between them and the platform.

However, the mother chose Tiktok over her children, which was a major trigger for her children.

She said:

“My children do not disown me; instead, they advise that I pick between Tiktok and them.” I’m going to choose my own. But, because none of them are there, I’m on my own.

“My children don disown me, they say I should choose Tiktok or them. I no no the own I go choose. But as all of them no dey na, me I choose tiktok. Na hin dem go report to Reverend father say their mama don dey mad. I no understand; una dey where una dey, una dey get your happiness. I say I choose tiktok where I dey get my happiness …”