Nigerian Govt Sends Food Aid to stranded Citizens in Sudan


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has dispatched a variety of food items to the Nigerian Embassy in Sudan to support stranded Nigerians awaiting evacuation to Nigeria.

The agency’s spokesperson, Mr. Manzo Ezikiel, issued a statement in Abuja on Thursday, providing details of the relief efforts.

The Director-General of NEMA, Mustapha Ahmed, explained that the food items were intended to cater to the needs of Nigerian citizens who are currently awaiting evacuation.

The supplies include 100 bags of rice, 50 bags of beans, 10 cartons of seasoning, 50 cartons of spaghetti, and 5 bags of iodized salt.

The food items have already been transported to Port Sudan via a TARCO aircraft, which recently brought 123 stranded Nigerians to Abuja at approximately 12:25 p.m.

This latest shipment adds to a total of 2,246 stranded Nigerians who have been evacuated from the war-torn country and brought back to Nigeria.

Director-General Ahmed also stated that the ongoing evacuation exercise is progressing, with efforts underway to involve more Nigerian airlines in order to enhance the transportation process for additional Nigerians who are willing to return home.

The provision of food aid to stranded Nigerians in Sudan is a vital step taken by the Nigerian government to ensure the well-being and support of its citizens during their period of waiting.

The government remains committed to facilitating the safe return of Nigerians affected by the challenging circumstances in Sudan.