Nigerian Man claims Police Officer allegedly planted Marijuana in his car


A Nigerian man has accused a police officer of allegedly planting marijuana in his car.

Lucky Onwurah who disclosed that the incident occurred around Oji river in Enugu state, identified the police officer as Alex Okolo and also gave the number plate of the car the police officers drove as Abuja RSH578TH.

He wrote;

Some bad elements of NPF(Mopol) on illegal duty on passat salon wagon with plate no Abuja RSH578TH tried to implant Indian hemp(igbo) in our car at Oji river after a supposedly stop and search but thank God we caught him red handed with his partner. His name is Srg. Alex okolo

Disappointed we caught him, next is pointing gun at us and threatening to shoot us including my mother, we refused to back down, we also caught his partner still trying to implant another pack of Igbo in our car just to prove the first was not a fluke.

Only God knows the number of innocent victims who have suffered this thuggery and anarchy.

Advice: shine your eyes whenever police wants to search ur vehicle no matter the distraction as their first trick is to distract u and implant the marijuana in your luggage .

Stay in a position where you can see his hand clearly during search, no matter how he tries to obstruct your view.

Always Insist on one officer searching your car at a time not two or more(very important).

Make a video and send to someone immediately if they start threatening your life, these people can do the unthinkable.