Nigerian transgender, Michelle Page challenges Bobrisky to a beauty contest


Nigerian transgender, Michelle Page has released a video challenging Bobrisky to come out without makeup and filter.

Michelle said in a video which was released to Instagram:

“If Bobrisky is born well, if she knows that without anything, without filter, she is beautiful, let her come out without makeup, as in, without make up, then me I will now tell her that, ‘Bobrisky, me Michelle Page, I’m your mother’.”

This comes just weeks after Michelle Page took to Instagram to beg crossdressers Bobrisky and James Brown to stop fighting and stick together because the world doesn’t like people like them.

Michelle had said at the time:

“Bobrisky, James Brown, why are you guys fighting? I think by now you guys suppose to know that the society doesn’t want us. So, why can’t we love each other? Why can’t we care for each other?”