Nigerians are most miserable in Africa – Jerry Gana Asserts


The former minister of information and former presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Jerry Gana asserted that Nigerians are the most miserable in Africa as “nothing is working in the country.”

Gana stated this at a retreat organised by the Kogi Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Renaissance Group in Abuja.

He noted that youths have become “jobless, frustrated and hopeless” as a result of the “harsh economic policies of the current administration.”

He said that nowhere is safe in the country including the hometown of President Muhammadu Buhari in Katsina state, the former Minister claimed that PDP “is the only hope now for the Federal Republic of Nigerian to return back to sanity”.

“In the misery index, Nigeria is the highest in Africa. We are the most miserable set of people in Africa because nothing is moving. In fact, our currency is now 100 percent devalued. Nigeria is going through a very difficult time.

“The level of indebtedness in the past few years is such that every Nigerian is now in debt. The Naira is perhaps one of the most useless currencies in Africa today. I have never seen this level of corruption as we have today. In fact, the level of corruption makes the PDP governments look like angels because corruption is now a thousand times worse.

“Governor Maisari was advocating recently that everyone in Katsina state should get a gun. Do you know where Katsina is? Do you know who comes from Katsina?” he explained.