Nigerians Lack Trust in Police – Arase


Dr. Solomon Arase, the Chairman of the Police Service Commission and former Inspector General of Police, has attributed the perceived failure of the Community Policing system in Nigeria to the lack of trust from citizens towards the police.

He expressed concern that the police force in Nigeria has tarnished its own image by violating human rights and engaging in acts of brutality for personal gain.

Arase highlighted that the negative perception of the police has created unnecessary fear among Nigerians, making it challenging to implement effective community policing.

Speaking on the topic of achieving successful community policing, he emphasized the importance of trust within communities, stating that community policing cannot thrive without the trust and cooperation of community members.

During the 39th Etim Inyang Anniversary Lecture, held to commemorate the 39th year of the existence of the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) in Nigeria, Arase, represented by Mr. Olumide Sodeinde, the Director of Planning, Research, and Statistics, addressed the prospects and challenges of community policing in the country.

Arase identified inadequate remuneration for police officers as another challenge hindering the success of community policing.

He explained that when officers are not adequately paid, their motivation to work effectively diminishes.

Furthermore, corruption was highlighted as a significant issue affecting community policing.

Arase pointed out that corruption directly impacts the police force’s ability to prevent and control crime, as corrupt officers often collaborate with criminals, undermining the effectiveness of community policing initiatives.

The remarks by Dr. Solomon Arase shed light on the critical issues that need to be addressed to establish a successful community policing system in Nigeria, emphasizing the importance of rebuilding trust between the police and citizens, improving officers’ remuneration, and combating corruption within the force.