Notorious Militia Strikes in Beni Region, DR Congo, 12 Dead


Local officials on Sunday have disclosed that a notorious militia in the troubled Beni region of eastern DR Congo have killed twelve people over three days where the army is battling armed groups.

According to the local administrator, Donat Kibwana, while speaking with AFP, the group attacked an army position in the village of Mwenda on Saturday night, killing eight people.

The victims were four women and four men, according to Eteni Kimwele, Mwenda’s chief.

“The attack was carried out by the ADF,” he said, adding that the village’s inhabitants were fleeing.

Four farmers were also killed in their fields in the nearby village of Mbau on Friday, Richard Kivanzanga, deputy administrator for the Beni territory, told AFP.

On Saturday, Congolese soldiers clashed with the ADF in the village of Kpolowu.

“We registered two wounded on the army side and we neutralised two ADF,” said Antony Mualushayi, an army spokesman in the Beni area.

The Allied Democratic Forces, a mainly Muslim movement that originated in Uganda in the 1990s has been blamed for more than 1,000 civilian deaths in the Beni region of North Kivu province since 2014.

Photo Source: The Defense Post